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Cieolo is one of Mauritius leading distributors of shipping containers for sale. Selling and delivering a wide range of new and used containers all across Mauritius. With a customer base that includes state government departments, local councils, retail, hospitality and construction companies, as well as the general public, you can rest easy knowing that when you buy a shipping container from Cieolo, you're getting a guarantee of quality.

Refrigerated containers (also known as reefers) have  been around for more than 40 years.  The initial intent was to ship temperature sensitive frozen or chilled product long distances.  Many of the everyday products purchased and grocery, wholesale club, and specialty stores are shipped around the world in refrigerated containers.  Meats, cheeses, chocolates, fish, fruits and vegetables are all transported in refrigerated containers.   Other products that use refrigerated containers for transportation are flowers, blood plasma, and film.

Our secure steel portable office range combines the strength and security of steel whilst giving the space and comfort of the more traditional portable offices. Some shipping container modifications can be very simple, such as adding a window or side access door, some are more complex such as installing electrics or insulation, no matter what your requirements, we will deliver it.

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