Cieolo offers a range of refrigeration containers, for use either as static storage of chilled or frozen products, and units that are capable of freezing goods (“Blast-freezers”) and manufacturing ice in large volumes.

We are the leader in the Sub-Saharan region in the supply of containerised industrial ice plants and blast freezers. Units can produce from 500kgs up to 4 tonnes of ice in 24 hours (depending on ambient air & water temperatures), in plate or block ice forms. Cieolo ice plants and blast freezers have gained a reputation for quality, reliability, and performance. Although Cieolo offers a standard range of products, our refrigeration department can customise units to provide you with an effective and productive solution that meets your exact requirements. If you require refrigerated containers, contact Cieolo and we’ll find you exactly what you need to effectively transport or store your temperature sensitive goods.

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